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We are considered to be one of the best clearing agents Durban has to offer. Although we are based in Durban, we can assist clients internationally and locally from all across South Africa(Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth). We have a host of tailor made freight and logistics solutions for your company. We have extensive experience and customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our customers enjoy peace of mind as they know their goods will be delivered safely and securely. State of the art clearing & forwarding systems coupled with an extensive network, allows us to provide the client with the best local & international logistic solutions. Advice & solutions from our senior management, as well as a prompt service are some of the benefits our customers enjoy. All our staff are passionate, enthusiastic and highly skilled professionals. We offer warehousing, insurance, distribution, reverse deliveries and also any other related service which provides real value to our clients business.

Freight forwarding is an important business function in today’s global economy. A clearing agent, freight forwarder, or even an importer or exporter, are a company or individual that organizes cross-country shipments for corporations or individuals to reach a final destination, such as a consumer market, supplier, or end user. Forwarders often contract with more than one carrier to move the cargo to several different locations.

A variety of clearing and forwarding agents provide these services in South Africa and around the world. Some provide direct delivery of goods, and others act as suppliers that provide a list of cargo transportation providers. The goods are usually exported from one point in the world which you then import into another. This type of service helps boost the global supply chain management, increases international trade, and facilitates a smooth flow of goods between countries.

Many local and international freight forwarders offer more services than just shipping goods. Some allow the clients to track shipments, inspect documents, and create payment plans. These services may include securing custom classification or warehousing of goods, information technology support, insurance claims processing, and developing joint venture partnerships. With these additional services, a freight forwarding agent can help companies improve their supply chain management.

The main duty of the clearing agent is to process all export and import shipments. They prepare all necessary documents and keep them updated at the designated place. They also monitor the status of project cargo or general cargo and co-operate with government officials in the customs declaration and customs clearance process or even during a CBCU stop . The main task of the logistics supplier is to organize all cargo details and organize the cargo to ensure smooth movement of goods.

The main role of the logistics provider is to secure the shipment of the materials from the forwarding company. They do this by using advanced security measures during the storage, processing and delivery of the shipments. The transportation of the goods should not only go smoothly, but the cargo should arrive safely at the consumer’s doorstep. It will then be up to the client to handle his or her purchases efficiently and take good care of the goods. If there are any mistakes made in the shipment, the customer should contact the freight forwarding company right away.

There are many regulations and rules in the industry that a clearing agent or clearing and forwarding companies have to adhere to and they have to follow all of them to provide safe and secure transport of cargo. This applies whether it’s air freight passing through your airports, sea freight passing through your local ports or cargo transported on land across borders. For example, importing a container load into Durban port with our professional clearing service . We calculate the customs duty and assist with the necessary paperwork such as an import permit. Convenient freight services are also provided to transport the imported goods locally. We take care of it all.

One of the most important responsibilities of the clearing and forwarding company is to ensure compliance with all of the customs requirements regarding international shipments. For instance, they must have all the required documentation and records to ensure that the cargo is legal and adequate to qualify for delivery to its ultimate destination. Clearing Agents are responsible for all inspections of the products and ensuring that they conform to all export and import laws. They also help the exporters to address any issues or problems regarding their international shipments to the customs.


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